Thursday, October 16, 2008

RAC Advanced Driving Course

Personal injury claims

Don't worry if you aren't sure whether the injury is serious enough, or if you aren't certain who was to blame - RAC's experienced people will help you decide whether you can claim, and then take complete charge of everything to make sure your claim runs smoothly, and get you better more quickly.

Your customised driving course

The Advanced Driving Course is a customised programme that comprises all the elements you'll need to fully prepare you for the RAC Advanced Driving Test. You'll start with an initial assessment session, which is designed to assess your level of ability for the advanced test. From this assessment, your training needs will be determined and you'll then have the opportunity to undertake training sessions that are tailored to your individual driving. The training will be designed to improve your driving performance and increase your readiness to take the RAC Advanced Driving Test.

Your training car

All sessions should take place in your own car and you'll need to check with your insurer that this is covered on your policy. Using your own car will enable the sessions to be as close to normality as possible, without the added complexity of dealing with a different car. If you would prefer to use an instructor's vehicle for the sessions, please discuss this at the time of booking.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


RAC car insurance with RAC Roadside Breakdown Cover included as standard

RAC Direct Car Insurance could be more competitive than you think. What’s more everyone who takes out a comprehensive car insurance policy gets RAC Roadside Cover included for the first year, helping you save even more. Plus you get all the benefits of covering your car with RAC Direct Insurance: 12 months free UK RAC Roadside cover will be included for all new comprehensive private car policyholders. The offer is not available to existing motor insurance customers renewing their policy or customers who have effected motor insurance with RAC Direct Insurance prior to receiving this offer. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer. No cash alternative available. Quotations are valid for 60 days. Age restrictions apply. RAC Direct Insurance may decline to quote in some circumstances. Offer is available for a limited period; RAC Direct Insurance reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

RAC Direct Insurance is a trading name of London and Edinburgh Insurance Company Limited. Registered in England No 924430. Registered Office: 8 Surrey Street, Norwich, NR1 3NG. An Aviva company. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Cover not available in Northern Ireland.


RAC's UK Traffic Update Map keeps you moving. Choose a region above or click on an area of the map for up to the minute information on traffic delays.The RAC UK Traffic Update Map is refreshed every 30 seconds and is supported by a network of 7,500 sensors constantly monitoring traffic flow over 8,000 miles of motorways and A-roads to keep you on the move.

We try to ensure the accuracy of all information provided to you as part of these services. However, this should not be construed as advice from RAC and we do not accept any liability arising from decisions or actions taken as a result of the information provided.

* Using a mobile phone whilst driving can be dangerous and may endanger the safety of other road users. RAC recommends that you park safely before using the 1740 service. Calls can also be made to 0906 470 1740 from landlines. These calls are charged at 60p per minute at all times.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

RAC Breakdown Cover & Insurance

Our review of RAC breakdown cover.
RAC Rescue was originally founded back in 1897, the RAC (also know as the Royal Automobile Club have been offering roadside assistance and recovery for over 100 years. They have a track record which few other UK breakdown recovery companies can compete with, a thorough understanding of the market and unlike many well established companies they have embraced the latest technology and shown a willingness to move with the times. As part of the massive Aviva insurance group they have the backing of a major parent company, access to the latest market data and a presence which continues to grow year by year and now stands at around 7 million members.In the world of breakdown recovery many people seem to be blinded by the cheapest offers around, when you really need to consider what is on offer for the price you are paying. You need to ask yourself exactly what you need, do you just need roadside assistance, do you need a recovery service or maybe you are looking at European cover for your trips overseas?

The breakdown recovery market is very competitive and there are some great offers available if you shop around. Whether you are looking at the more traditional breakdown recovery companies such as the AA, Green Flag or the RAC, or maybe you can find what you are looking for with one of the major insurers which include Churchill, Norwich Union or MoreThan. The choice has never been better for the consumer with strong growth in the market over the last few years as people venture further away from their local area for business and pleasure.

The internet has also brought the sector closer to potential customers allowing you to log on, check the service and prices available as well as giving you the option to acquire cover there and then. Many insurance companies offer a mix and match facility allowing you to pick and choose which options / services you require, ensuring you get a custom made service to fit your needs. Don’t be without your breakdown cover, you never know when you might need it!

Find out how the top three companies compare:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Journey planners - Internet planners

RAC 200E GPS Europe Mapping.

Brand: RAC


The main features are as follows.
Bright 3.5" Touch screen.
Step by step voice instructions
Thousands of searchable points of interest.
Store favourite addresses and locations.
Simple menu icons.
Automatic zoom provides a detailed view of complex road systems.
Route planning with estimated time of arrival and distance remaining.
Pre-loaded 256mb MMC card with Western European maps.
Address or 7 digit postcode search facility.
Simple Address search using SMS style Fuzzy Search.
Auto re-routing.
User can customise the screen including display values, colours and 3D angles.
Simple tracking mode to show position.
Choose the quickest and shortest modes.
2D & 3D maps.
Night-view mode.
Fixed saftey camera alerts.

A recent Facebook survey has found that 45% of UK drivers send SMS (text messages) while driving, and only 11% turn off their phones or put them on mute. The survey was conducted to coincide with the first anniversary of Britain’s new increased penalties for using a cell phone while driving, which now results in a £60 fine and 3 penalty points.

Topping the list of areas with the most frequent texting drivers was London and Manchester with 53% and 50% respectively. Breaking down the survey into more detailed results shows 21% of those surveyed actively send and read messages when driving, while 19% only do so when stuck in traffic. A vast majority of people simply fail to mute their phone, which could cause them to become distracted should they receive a message or call.

Perhaps the greatest irony is that the survey was sponsored by the RAC foundation, yet when looking for more information about the origination it’s easy to accidentally stumble upon another UK based RAC site with traffic news. This second site contains advertising that heavily promotes using your mobile phone to get traffic updates on the go, as shown by the picture above.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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The RAC have a very comprehensive Route Planner, and this is something they're proud of. They make a point of stating "More than your average route plan".

One thing we really like is the ability to select up to 5 "via" destinations - this surpases the other online route planners.

You also have the choice of selecting the fastest or shortest route. There's also the option to maximise or minimise your use of motorways and the ability to avoid toll roads and ferry images.

You can also choose to have either a static map or one with interactive features.

There is one feature we don't like and that's because they outsource their route technology to Map 24, they have to use something thats called an iframe. This adds content from elsewhere into their site. As this is the case you have to scroll within the site with a scroller within the page. It's just a personal thing, however, and most should not find it annoying.

A fantastic element of the map is the ability to select whether you would like short or long direction descriptions. Even more fantastic is the option to have detailed maps in the main direction list of each junction.

Furthermore, you can email the map to yourself or a friend.

Overall, we feel this is by far and away the best free online router planner.

music radio, mp3 player,rac route planner,rac autoroute,
bmw 3 series,honda hybrid

Low Carbon Heating and Cooling Solutions

RAC09 is the UK’s premier event for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, providing a business-building environment and a unique networking opportunity for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Taking place 24-26 February 2009 at Birmingham’s NEC, no other single event puts you in front of thousands of specifiers, contractors, engineers and end-users of refrigeration and air conditioning products and services. Exhibiting at RAC09 will enable you to introduce your company and products to key buyers.

RAC2009Download the RAC 2009 Sales Brochure

RAC 2009 RAC 2009 RAC 2009 RAC 2009

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Interested in visiting the refrigeration and air conditioning industry's premier event?

See over 180 major exhibitors
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Co-location with H&V09
RAC benefits from the co-location with H&V - The Heating & Ventilating Event